Preoperative Assessment

Usually patients are pre-assessed by questionnaire, before reaching hospital. Sometimes a more detailed pre-operative assessment is necessary, for example if you have a complex medical history which may require special consideration or planning to allow your surgery to be undertaken as safely as possible.

On occasion your surgeon may refer you to our specialist pre-operative assessment clinic, which is run by several of our members who have a special interest and expertise in this area.

You will be invited to attend the clinic before the day of your surgery. It is an opportunity for your condition to be assessed in a comprehensive fashion and further investigations to be ordered if necessary. In consultation with you it will then be possible to fully plan your care and discuss any special concerns or implications your surgery and anaesthetic has for you.

This is a separately billed service outside the normal pre-operative assessment you will have on the day of your surgery.

Not all insurance companies or policies will cover this fee: please check in advance to clarify this with your own insurer.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.